Why I choose Interior Detailing and my Journey

A dream becomes a journey

Detailing By Jonathan is a family operation started by Jonathan Seip after more than a decade and a half of professional auto detailing at several dealerships in the Lehigh Valley of eastern Pennsylvania. After doing detailing for family, friends and neighbors, I was constantly asked why I didn't have my own detailing service. That had always been a dream of mine, to offer the same professionalism and passion to car owners in the Lehigh Valley, Now, after a discussion with my family, that dream has become a reality.

I know first-hand how dirty car interiors can get, especially with kids and pets. That's the main reason that from the beginning I have specialized in interiors.

I started out by doing the detailing on the street but as anyone who lives in the Lehigh Valley knows we get all four seasons. The winter weather soon made me realize I needed a shop. After searching for months, I found a one car shop (garage) and my first lease. As you can see it was humble beginnings but it was mine.

As my client list grew and I began to have repeat clients, the word had spread that I had a PASSION (some called it OCD) for my detailing. After two plus years I found myself looking again looking for a bigger shop.

I was lucky to have a friend spot a new listing and locked it in right away. As you can see above, it's not a "dream" shop but it is over 2x the size of the current garage. I made the move AND THEN COVID-19 hit the world. In Pennsylvania it meant we had to shut down for a while.

A silver lining of the COVID-19 pandemic, is that people are now more aware of keeping their car interiors clean and germ-free. In the past, car interiors were very often overlooked for deep cleaning, Many people seem to think their car should be fairly free of germs. They fail to realize that just sitting in your car, you drop hair, dead skin, makeup and other contaminants. All of this dirt and junk adds up very fast.​ But just like your own home, your car can also make you, your family members and friends sick, During this downtime I made some changes to my #1 service - SIGNATURE Interior Detail making it even better. A high quality professional interior detail REQUIRES the highest quality professional detailing products. ​And now EVERY vehicle receives Disinfecting with an EPA Registered product.

I'm glad to say I am back up and running having only missed one month of business and I am again during what I love with a renewed PASSION for having my clients leave my shop with a BIG SMILE.